The Literary Café – Garagem das Letras

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What was a garage back in the days is now a literary café, a library , a toy and game centreplace, a meeting point. This is the main goal of the project: to be a cultural centre open to the community, a place of exchange, free expression, meeting and knowledge.

The week timetable of Garagem das Letras offers free language courses, chosen according to the needs of the community and the available teachers. The free courses are important because they help the pupils socialize by sharing places and activities and offer them skills and tools that can be useful both at school and at work.

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Friday afternoons are devoted to children. A tutor organizes young children’s activities and educational games. For the youngest there is also a cineforum of selected films and cartoons and a recreation time with snacks, which make them feel cuddled and happy.
This is an alternative to a life “in the gutter”, it is a safe and friendly environment where a child can feel protected in a little magical world full of games, toys, colours, and lovely faces of adult people who listen to and care for them, while teaching them how to respect rules and live with the others.

Cultural events open to the whole community are held throughout the year. They are moments of entertainment, but also of exchange, sharing of ideas and knowledge.

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