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  • September 22, 2014

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The “Garagem das Letras”, the first literary café in Rocinha.

What was a garage back in the days is now a literary cafe and a library run by the community youth; a place of cultural interest, meeting point, a small bar selling natural products and an internet cafe.

The Garagem will offer the opportunity of youth professional training, getting the whole Community closer to literature and education.

As cultural centre, it will also be a safe place for those escaping from a still violent reality such as this huge Brazilian favela.

“Il Sorriso dei miei Bimbi”, thanks to the important cooperation with other non-profit organizations specialized in “social innovation programmes” and thanks to a team of architects already working at the project, has started the renovation of the Garagem to create a new, innovative space, something able to oppose alienation and prejudice, still deeply rooted in Rocinha, to the extent of bringing the youth of the favela closer to the love of culture and reading.

The “Garagem” was born thanks to the donation of Manuela and Sergio Trere, extraordinary supporters and thanks to them il sorriso dei miei bimbi managed to buy the infrastructure.

Thanks to the help of many supporters and friends we are now able to offer professional training, a “cinema” and a bar with healthy products.

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