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  • September 22, 2014

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Your volunteering in Italy can make a difference! Participate in our project “Education changes life” by

– Collecting didactic material, clothing (also second-hand, but in good conditions), medicine and first-aid kits, products for personal hygiene (see note at the bottom of this page);

– Choosing our non-profit organization as beneficiary of donations in occasion of important family events such as marriage or confirmation for example (we can supply beautiful and unique “bonbonniere” and parchment certificates);

– Helping write down reports, filling in documents or applying for funding; you can also inform us on grants possibilities and you can help us contact companies; translating documents from Italian into Portuguese/Brazilian and viceversa, especially if this is your mother tongue;

– Participating to our charity stalls and other events or by organizing yourself fundraising events;

– Helping us distribute our material (calendars, arts and crafts, postcards) and connecting us with your friends or acquaintances asking them to devolve their 5×1000 to our non-profit organization stating in their income declaration form:


Italian fiscal code: 91106660359

Are you leaving for Brazil?

Let us know if you are willing to take some didactic material, medicine, clothing or other items with you, to be brought to the favela.

Please contact us at following email address:

By adding some weight to your luggage you will deliver a great act of solidarity, helping us forward material to the favela. This is a transport method we have developed to reduce somehow shipping costs from Italy to Brazil. Shipping in containers is too expensive for us and furthermore we do not have any warehouse to store all donations.

Contact us now to confirm your availability, thanks


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