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You can elect “Il Sorriso dei miei Bimbi” as a partner of your company; this means associating your brand to a non-profit reality, an organization which has been operating for over 18 years to encourage and help social and cultural growth in the favela Rocinha.

Your choice will show your interest and care for topics such as solidarity and social inclusion and this would add “value” to your company.

Furthermore, the association of your company’s name to the one of a non-profit organization, promoting projects of international cooperation, would prove the efficacy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy: your brand would gain immediate attention through the promotion of sustainable projects aimed at the improvement of a social context.

The choice of this marketing strategy usually assures a company sales improvement, thanks to the good cause that it represents for our society; to obtain these results, “Il Sorriso” cooperates with Sensacional, an Italian non-profit organization specialized in the CSR branch.

Our organization guarantees the maximum transparency and professionalism in developing projects; the partner company constantly receives reports on the activity and has also the opportunity of cooperating with its employees in volunteering, training projects, charitable events and crowd-funding campaigns.

Choose the project that best suits your requirements and contact us:

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