Distance Support

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Support the projects of the non-profit organization “Il Sorriso dei miei Bimbi”  by participating  in our SAD Programme (Distance Support), to finance a monthly scholarship.

Thanks to this project, children and adolescents can enter our school and other structures, receive education and free themselves from situations of poverty and discomfort.

The Distance Support is a monthly contribution to our initiatives, a way of helping us support our projects. Your Distance Support can support one of the “sorriso dei miei bimbi” projects; in this way you are able to follow students’ growth and education progress by regularly receiving pictures, reports on their school activities and achievements. Education changes life!

The benefits of Distance Support are not related only to children and their education: funds are also used to help their families and the community, financing health projects and protecting the most vulnerable individuals.

Contact us at: info@ilsorrisodeimieibimbi.org

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