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Il Sorriso dei miei Bimbi is glad to welcome anyone wishing to put time and professional skills at disposal, as long as they respect and comply with our humanitarian goals.

Visiting our web-site you will realize by yourself how your skills might be of help for the organization: anything from maintenance, building and repair of our structures to educational activities; from office work, economic and strategic analysis to research and study of funding possibilities; translations (Italian, English and Portuguese). Volunteering might be considered on a short term period (2 weeks to 2 months) or on a longer one.

 Here are some examples:

  1. Daily experience: offering support for general services related to the Youth Project and the nursery school; extemporaneous lessons of general knowledge for the Youth Project; helping teachers at nursery school to take care of children; collecting donations;
  2. Distance support: helping production of photographs and writing down reports on children’s and adolescents’ activities to be sent to donators;
  3. Project “Garagem das Letras”

Supporting and supervising renovation works; bricklaying work during renovation;

  1. Children’s and youth educational projects regulated by and in compliance with annual school calendar (for 3 month periods bound to Italian tourist visa).

 In addition to above mentioned preliminary remarks, anyone wishing to apply as a volunteer has to be aware of the at times hostile and dangerous context in which we operate. A basic knowledge of Portuguese is essential to be able to move inside our structures (and in the favela as well) with a fairly good level of autonomy and independence.

 We remind that volunteers are not entitled to any retribution and/or expenses refund. Service cannot last longer than 3 months, in compliance with Brazilian laws regulating tourist visa.

 We are a rather small association and have no lodging possibility for volunteers (but we are working on this! )

Once period of staying and type of help are defined, we can supply information on lodging possibilities in the favela or in the neighbourhood (Ipanema or Copacabana quarters) with corresponding costs according to availability and season.

For our activities concern children’s and youth education, you’d better know that in Brazil schools are closed for summer vacation from mid-December to Carnival and also 2 or 3 weeks in winter between end July and August.

This information is very important for those who want to offer their help in didactic and pedagogical activities.

Volunteers should check requirements on our web-site and then contact us, enclosing to their application a curriculum-vitae, to enable us choose the best period and make a proposal.

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