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  • September 22, 2014

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Rio de Janeiro is one of the States in Brazil having a large number of illiterate people, mostly among inhabitants of the favelas. Brazilian public school is extremely poor and outdated: overcrowded classes, lack of teachers, students acceding automatically to the next class without having basic knowledge; no motivation to study.

If we take groups belonging to the lowest classes of the society into account, instruction level dumps considerably; most students leave school without finishing it, this to confirm the strict connection between poverty and low level of education.

This is why “Il Sorriso dei miei Bimbi” promotes the project “Literacy in Action” as an essential instrument to make up for the shortcomings of the “green-gold giant’s” (gigante verde amarelo) education system.

The goal of Projeto Alfabetizacao em Ação is to teach literacy skills to those children, teenagers and adults who, for some reason, could not enter the public education system

Creating the basis of literacy process is essential to guarantee better life conditions and social interaction, to encourage self-esteem and awareness of being able to become a creative citizen.

Once you learn to read and write you can move away from alienation and begin to identify yourself as an active citizen in the society you are living in.

The project also provides tutoring for those students who have particular learning difficulties in public school and it also includes school trips outside the favela.

Since its creation, the project counts on the participation of numerous students, crowded classes and waiting lists because “education changes life”

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